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Alkebulan, who is the devil? The Gospel According to Maponga J iii

Maponga Joshua iii

The Gospel According to Maponga J iii
Happy New Year! Day 31
Devotions for Alkebulanites !from
The Watcher of Alkebulan

Alkebulan, who is the devil ?

The snake the serpant the deceiver who manipulates our minds to abandon our garden (homes, land) for the city lives and a kingdom in the sky.
The devil is:
The spirit which deceives you and gives you an altered identity and daily erodes you dignity through:
Taking away your land rights of (Eden-Alkebulan) and sell you tickets for heaven.
The devil is the one who does not allow you access to your forests for your medicines and delights on making profits from your sicknesses
The devil is the one who cuts trees for furniture and export and does not plant or replace.
The devil is the one who destroys the habitat of the animals and birds shows no regard for the laws of nature.
The devil is the one who destabilises the delicate balance of nature for profit .
The devil is the one who poisons your water and destroys life without remose

The devil is the one who brings toxic/poisons waste to dump it on your land and doorsteps from his industries.
The devil is the who takes minerals from the ground destroys the land leaving behind bottomless pits and piles of poisoned mountains of soil.
The devil is the one who pollutes your Air and infects you air with gasses and bacterias to infext you with airborne diseases, then manufactures masks for you to breathe clean air.
The devil is the one who then claims to have solutions to the very problems he has created.
The devil is the one who gives you laws of his land (Roman Dutch) and does not respect the laws of your land.
The devil kills your Royalty and enstates himself as the only king, drinking blood from the skulls of your ancestors.
The devil is a reptilian tribe whose poison has been injected into Alkebulan leaders, you see them which gowns and signet rings of loadges and secret societies.
The devil creates fake political structures and preoccupies Alkebulan with meaningless cycles of political change with no regard indigenous rulers.
The devil is the one who takes away the land based Economy to replaces it with useless paper money: business models which exploit the resources with little profit to the local communities.
The devil is the one who takes your children to “Educate” and deliberately deletes values and culture to replace it with plastic/corrupt colonial norms and mysteries of plagerised myths.
The devil is the one who Entertains you with your funeral, science fictions, conspiracy theories which speedly become the matrix of reality.
The devil takes your mind and plugs it onto the “beast computer” of the global village.
The devil floods the media with one sided western propaganda narrative to manipulate the perception of the society towards hatred of self
The devil wastes Alkebulan’s time/money on colonial sports at the neglect of their indigenous games. You find those who need exercises watching those who need rest.
The devil is the one who has replaced your organic seeds with genetically modified seeds, makes you eat death. He will even make you plant flowers/tobacco and not food.
The devil is the one who takes your Agricultural land and hihjacks your health with arficial technologies which reduce your lifespan
The devil is the one who tells you to throw away your Culture and your family structures, for western meaningless traditions bankrupt of moral values
The devil is the one who gives you religion to replace your Spirituality, takes away your consciousness, conservation and totem for title “Christian name”.
The devil is the one who finds you.on your original state and strips you of your divine dressing for leaves and shrubs.
The devil is the one who eats what is at the center of your garden and causes you to forget your History
The devil is the one who speaks to your wife in your absence and decieves you for generations to come.
The devil will tell you that you are naked so that he can sell you clothes, which covers the body but not the soul.
The Watcher saw the devil walking about on Alkebulan land hiding behind the banks, the parliaments, hospitals, prisons, lecture halls, courtrooms, mining companies and organisations.
The churches lied and said he is in hell, and forgot he was in their minds and that they had become the very agents of the devil to destroy their own cultures. He stands on pulpits to stir the minds of many towards fake faith (“I receive”) void of practical formulas of wealth creation.
The pastors have become deacons in spreading the doctrine of demons and escape theology, fake tongues, fake healing and manifestations.
The teacher took the curriculums which manufactures demons, to educate fools, plenty of information with no ownership over means of production.
The mob psychology and theories of popular sentiments create prisons of the mind which suffocate individual moral campus.
Conformity is the new religion, the society is marching in a straight line like sheep heading for the abattoir. Galotins are sharpened for anyone who challenges these unpractical vampire social structures, where the rich get richer and the poor make children.
The devil is not out there, but in here, in the corridors of minds he has made residents. A black man who kills his own brother, steals from his own parents even steals his own time and future: that is a devil!
The devil who has converted wombs into tombs
Children into parents
Men into women
And women into men
The devil who has twisted the free will of humanity into a self propelled missle of mass destruction to human extinction.
The Watcher has seen the devil wearing Prada, the idols of the community being the perverted celebrities.
The devil is this fake progressive notion disguised as freedom and human rights.
The devil walks around the Garden of Eden (Alkebulan) like a “roaring lion”, devouring the consciences of many, to create a graveyard of zombies (global village).
The devil is a psychopathic political system loaded with guns, gasses, viruses and missiles to destroy humanity. Its headquarters is at, what the black book calls Babyblon the “mother of harlots, who sleeps with the Kings of the world and the whole world has drunk the wine of her adultery.”
This blood thirst nation of Chitaulis as Mkhulu Credo would describe them, a brood of moral vampires, with bottomless pits of greed.
These Caucasians with their sharp noses abalombi, varombi socerers who have captured the souls of Alkebulan.
Look in the mirror when you comb your hair you may see the devil looking at you.

I am a watcher from the future living with you in the present with solutions from the past
Maponga Munyuki iii Mara-rah
KPP Svosve ChangaMbire Dzimbabgwe

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