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AIM (Afrikan Indegenous Movement)ZIM(Zimbabgwe Indigenous Movement) Part 1We are the solution! We are the nation.Every Afrikan youth must join AIMThe generation of leaders has now past,We remember Nkwame, Nyerere, Sinkara, Lumumba, Kaunda, Gadaffi, Mandela, now Mugabe and many more: their vision for Afrika needs you all.AfrikanIndigenousMovement (AIM)Think globally and act locally. Keep the continent on your mind while you change your nation. Building the Ant colony/empire/common good/common values.The Afrikan continent is waking up from slumber and the youth are the solution. AIM (Afrikan Indegenous Movement) is the mother sterm from where every Afrikan country will branch from. The noble idea is meant to build a platform of sharing ideas, a virtual library of information and articles, a resource/response center for continental development. The ZIM(Zimbabgwe Indegenous Movement) will pioneer the movement and each country will connect and adapt the AIM principles for their nation. Key to AIM is to activate the cultural knowledge and science into a viable compatative commercial sector for Afrikan youthsThe values of AIM are1. To build a common base of knowledge for the youth of this continent which paves the way for the United states of Afrika – the Afrikan Nation2. To fight against xenophobia/tribalism and break boundaries of hatred and divisions amongst the black youths.3. To foster education and languages fuel the Swahili agenda- to fast track one common language across the continent which will allow Afrika to talk to herself. A United language will break the backbone of Frankophone, Portugese and Anglosaxons, the divisions which dominate/continue to colonise the continent.4. To rebuild Afrikan pride in culture and tradition. This will translate itself into Afrikan fashion, music, games, medicine, art with the aim of preserving these sacred talents and pass them on between generations/across the continent. This is a huge market which creates jobs a warehouse of innovative ideas.5. To teach and preserve Afrikan values, births rights, child naming, rights of passage, marriages, funerals and celebrations of life with its rituals and sacredness of life.

6. Too build and influence indegenous systems in all sectors education,economics,industry, judiciary, entrainment, politics/governance, health/welfare etc with the purpose to filter out western corr influences on organic/indegenous knowledge systems.
7. To prioritize Afrikan products, the Afrikan must own what he/she consumes. Revolution on families weddings, diet, music, fashion etc Proudly Afrikan brands to be on the front shelves of Afrikan business. The intellectual Property (IP) must remain in the hands of the Afrikan.
8. To research and restore Indegenous governance structures, and to hand over power/ land/estate/resources back to the original communities. To establish a code of conduct for the traditional leaders In the new global landscape. Ultimately it is to have in each Nation a House of Elders which appoints a political head, from a nation we can appoint a continental leader.
9. To attract Afrikan scholars/technocrats to write papers and conduct lectures across the continent , the aim being to rewire the Afrikan mental software to the values of our Pan Afrikan agenda. This is an ‘akademic’ platform which champions excellence in Afrikans philosophy.
10. To harness knowledge, document oral traditions, preserve and publish such knowledge so as to inform future generation.
This initiative (AIM) will see, one currency, One army, one leader/parliament, one Passport and see Afrika speak with one voice.

AIM our symbol is circles around our triangles (sytems around our people)

AIM: the two big triangles merge into relationships of smaller triangles keeping the Afrika at the center/heart/the family. The circle around represents community and the nation standing to protect the family, as the nation protects the community, and the continent protects the nations.
Our emblems:
AIM is for peace- land-green/life, for blood leakages/blood connections, the unity of the Afrikan nation that’s our black and this becomes our wealth the yellow/gold colour between all colors.
Zimbabgwe Indegenous Movement (ZIM) Is and affiliate of AIM (Afrikan Indegenous Movement).
I call all Afrikan youth to take this logo and organise yourself into AIM offices with your country flags on it so that we can start to service the continent.

The booklet on #Afrikansolutions is complete and will be the first offering this year. A virtual library has been put under FOT (farmers of thought) please feel free to join telegram:₩ some books are already uploaded for your reading. Afri-Kan/ afrika can /Afri-can.
Reading Club (FOT)?

Books for the Afrikan revolution : we are a reading club sharing knowledge and information to liberate the Afrikan mind.. to develop the Afrikan, we need an informed think tank

I am the watcher from the future living with you in the present with solutions from the past

Farmers of Thought
Maponga Yahshua iii Mara-rah
KPP Svosve Dynasty Dzimbabgwe ChangaMbire
AIM (Afrikan Indegenous Movement)
ZIM (Zimbabwe Indigenous Movement)
We are the solution! We are the Nation.

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