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AIM (Afrikan Indegenous Movement) is a library of the intellectual technology needed to transform Afrika to United Kingdoms of Afrika ( UKA). All Afrikan countries must open branches Zim for Zimbabwe, Kim for Kenya, Rim for Rwanda Nim for Nigeria etc all these countries will contribute minds, knowledge and manpower into AIM human capital. AIm then makes available this knowledge and manpower to the continent for change. Proffesional from legal, banking, military, kings, educationist etc are available to assist individual countries towards UKA. The 7 pillars below are the foundation on which AIM is build upon and all proffessional must align themselves into this matrix for service. AIM is a continuous research space which seeks to dig into the history of the Afrikan voices of Kwame, Nyerere, Lumumba, Sinkara, a d a host of Pan Pan Afrikan pioneers: to collect their contribution to one port and formulate the Agenda for United Kingdoms of Afrika (UbuntuNation).
1. Pillar 1 (Kwame Nkruma & Queen Aminatu, daughter of Bakwa Turunku)
Political reform seek for African political solutions. The continent must do away with white governance systems, democracy, socialism, legal framework, capitalism etc. By design these systems ring fence and protect the colonial project which delibarately excludes the Afrikan citizen.
We have to look at Ujama, harambe, chimurenga, Ubuntu, Sankofa and educational curriculum and institute our indegenous social and restorative justice.

2. Pillar 2 (Julius Nyerere & Winnie Madikizela Mandela)
Educational Reform -teach the Afrikan child about himself. Change the software and set the mental default on self dignity and respect Ubuntu education. Download and translate oral tradition into text. Challenge European technologies with indegenous knowledge systems
3. Pillar 3 (Mansa Musa & Makeda, Queen of Sheba) Commercial/economic reform- change the way we do business, Afrika must stop building white businesses with black capital and debt. African industries and banking and back to farming and allow for batter system to run parallel to modern commerce. Money is fake and paper money can not purchase land and immovable assets: it must be exchange for value with value.
4. Pillar 4 (R.G Mugabe & Queen Ranavalona the First of Madagascar) Land reform-stop apologising for being landless just stand tall and own our land. We do not want land appropriated but we reclaim land as our as our heritage. Afrika must take land and champion her own fate for without land it is illegal to breed.
5. Pillar 5 (Credo Mutwa & Yaa Asantewa — Ashanti kingdom, Ghana) Cultural reform-. All the educated must start to harvest indegenous knowledge, transform oral tradition into text. This knowledge will influence medicine, entertainment, fashion, art and designs. The Afrikan shadow can not be removed and we remain alive.
6. Pillar 6 (John Biti & Queen Zewditu) Religious reform-get rid of foreign gods who do not know Africans and hate us. Throw away white gods and be honyest to our creator. The desire is to connect people with reality of the supernatural stop being religious ophans who are adopted by white supremacists.

7. Pillar 7 (Queen Nefertiti & Queen Ana Nzinga, also known as Njinga Mbande or Ana de Sousa Nzinga Mbande)
Ecological reform-(EQ) preserve our habitat as Africans and not allow our continent to become a dumping site of toxic industrial..academic..Political waste. If we abuse our land it will revenge through natural disasters.
All of us need to take this proposal and break it down into our own world and start effecting change. The seed is never dead when sitting on fertile ground. Let this seed sit on your mind and bear fruit for your children. Eat the fruits of your Labour, but preserve the seed and you will have preserved your identity and social value.
I commit my life to this continent and my body and soul will be manure for the next generation.

Understand that I am a Watcher from the future living in the present with solutions from the past.

Farmers of Thought
Ceo and Founder
Maponga Yahshua iii Marara
KPP Svosve ChangaMbire Dzimbabgwe
AIM (Afrikan Indegenous Movement)
ZIM (Zimbabwe Indigenous Movement)

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