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The 7 Pillars of AIM

AIM is an Afrikan Discourse. The issues highlighted here are prevalent in all countries. Individual countries must translate these issues and allow for the Indegenous debate to take center stage  for a meaningful decolonization project to be realized.
AIM (Afrikan Indegenous Movement)
IAM #indegenousAfrikanMovement
(Powered by Farmers of Thought)
United Afrikan Kingdoms (UAK)

The Afrikan has to decord the sacred oral history/tradition and knowledge into text and secure a body of work which shapes the Afrikan society.   The library of the Afrikan is in the spirit, and the library of the European in in books. The death of an old person is the burial of a library. The wise must incline their ears towards the older generation sons to hear the whispers of ancient wisdom which will preserve and guide  the Afrikan society to the future we desire.

AIM seeks to download this content  from the spiritual world to the physical realm and utilise it for Afrikan development.
Governance : the Afrikan has to apply his/her mind to this subject and come up with a clear judiciary system which will ultumately suspend the Roman Dutch law for Afrikan indigenous cultural law. Afrika needs only 3 laws namely individual, family and community laws: which can be termed the Natural Law.
I suggest a simplified version of the  law and  the legal team must start to craft these laws: Proffesor Duncan Ojwang will lead the team
1. Individual law: how the human being/Afrikan must govern themselves. This law improves the quality of life of the individual and preserves the sanctity of life. How to live- a clear guideline of the rights of the individual to live and not harm self. What crimes can an individual commit to themselves. Outline personal efficacy, because accountable, and responsible individuality is bedrock of nation building, family welfare and community viability.
2. Family law: how to live together as a family. Principles of building homes and laws which form, protect and enhance families. The institution of the home must be clearly defined and  encouraged.  Every culture has its oral traditions around the family structures which need to be translated into text and law. This DNA of sacredness of family runs in every Afrikan home and is the reason people meet, celebrate self and to determine future.
3. Community law: how the community interacts with itself as it builds a nation. These are laws of land, property and real estate. The community remains as custodians of land and these communities make the nation. Under the community there must be a clear guidelines of the expectation  the community has on its leaders, their selection and accountability.  Systems of community upliftment and disputes settlements.
The scholars must apply their mind to this subject, research and submit content.

AIM is your e-platform, your resource center for Afrikan revolution, reformation and social- reengeenering strategies. The youth must use this platform to write clear strategy for the Afrikan Agenda towards the United Afrikan/Alkebulan Kindgoms (UAK)Understand that I am a Watcher from the future living in the present with solutions from the past.Pillar 2 (Mwalimu Julius Nyerere) Proff HM Kanyane will lead on this pillar.Education reform through AIM : we have three textbooks Our land, our Air and our Water how to use these to change human lives for better. Use education to Create, Utilize and Preserve the natural habitat.Educational reform-teach people more about themselves than about other people, change academic curriculum -to study your land, water, air and it’s resources.AIM to educate people and connect them to their potential and their resources.This education is practical and profitable the intention is to produce an industry of human capital rather a market of slaves and employees.Two type of learning platforms1. The formal institutions – registration and pursuit of a profession. Study through a set curriculum – the study must combine practical skills (hard skills) and soft to prepare the student for real life.2. The informal Institutions -born into learning. The transfer of knowledge from birth to death. This is a continuous learning platform of human interaction -learn from other people as they learn from you. Constant interaction with human life and shared experiences in solutions finding ways to better individual, family, community and the continent. Methodology : create institutions where the student enrolls with a problem statement. The student must walk the width and breath of their community and identify a problem and then create a problem statement. Identify an institution which will assist to solve that problem. Institutions must specialize in specific fields and cross field outcomes to create a challenging multi dimensional inquiry into community solutions eg Medicine, IT, agriculture, commerce, humanities etc how to combine these to fix a particular problem. All the research/term papers are resources to assist the students to see what other have done and how to improve the continent. The methodology is a carrier path of solution finding. The problem statement is brought into a debate of academics, society and peer review who will grill and sharpen the idea from various fields to the ultimate goal to assist the student establish a business.Practical Application:The student graduates into an IP (intellectual property) space which activates the banking, development funds, investment (this is real small business development. The state instruments come into the

hands of cooperatives and individuals who for 12 years have been prepared to handle and deliver service for profit.

Content and context of study:
The three stones (individual, family and community)  form the basic foundation of all study. Finding Afrikan Identity, individual knowledge of self, building families and cohesion of society. The informal education must be put into text (write down oral tradition) by the student as a bridge into formal education. 

All subject must be adapted to indigenous knowledge systems- the idea is to bench mark the western education with our education. Indigenous Health systems must precede western systems, medicine- to take Afrikan herbs and create new drugs. Take Afrikan fashion into mainstream fashion and schools and governments to be the customers of the produce of their own students.
The intention:
To reduce dependency on imported goods, as we build a web-economy amongst our Afrikan citizens-circulate services and finances within communities.
To build self sustainable communities
To use local capital and resources to solve community problems profitably
To maximize and assert our youth to pride in their communities and not ran away from their families.

When communities and businesses are patronized by indigenous people it brings stability and ethical partnerships with external investors. The investor must invest on the terms of the Indigenous not the opposite.  Education is a tool in our hands to understand the past, change the present and shape the future through, AIM we call for education reform throughout the continent. 

The graduation:The present graduation system is lacking the practical application side which responds to employment instead of creating employees, we graduate employers. The classroom becomes a workshop of ideas seeking for youthful solutions. Afrika is rich with youth which is our unlimited profitable resources well directed there is no limit to productivity, energy and industry. The well balanced educated and practical youth are the solution to Afrikan problems.Resources :The senior citizens of the communities must be viewed as libraries and the youth must keep them busy for inquiry and interviews to draw from grey hair the ways of the past. Respect and honor must be given where it is due – and once the old people are viewed as such their place and use is secured in their community rather than look at them as witches. They can also be retained for advisory roles as new brands are being created. I am the watcher from the future living with you in the present with solutions from the past.Pillar 3 (Mansa Musa Pillar) Comissioner Peter Gachuba will lead this pillarAIM (Afrikan Indegenous Movement)The richest man who ever lived was an Afrikan and his name was Mansa Musa. Afrika must look back at principles used to build such a glorious empire.Afrika needs a commercial/economic/business reform- change the way we do business and stop building white banks/ businesses with black capital and debt. Build African industries and banking on solid systems which build sustainable communities with real estate and farming as the backbone.All land is sacred be it mind, flesh or soil, you cant be an orphan when you mother is still alive.Africa can not plant vegetables and expect to eat fruits how can these politicians sacrifice long term fruits for short term financial vegetables schemes which are founded on foreign systems. To build real national wealth Afrika needs forward thinking into the the next century. You cant have a viable economy build on irreplaceable resources and fossil fuels. Africa must invest in correct indegenous economic concepts tried and tested by our ancestors (our previous selves).Teach children to plant trees and how to eat from the soil this is sustainable – Afrika must own the means of production of what she eats and drinks.

Every African man must have two wives, firstly with full ownership of their mind.
1. Land- the very ground under our feet, our very inheritance (Umhlaba)
2. Woman-the ground we plant our children and offspring. (Mudzimai(wife who is mother-(mudzi-root), mai-mother-mothers have roots in the land-they birth while rooted on land. They open the ground before they open legs: /mosali/mosadi/vahosi(queen)/umfazi/Inkosi-kazi/the female king/or the big king (nkozi/king, kazi-big/feminine. Our women are our big kings.
Without the first wife (umhlaba/nyika/ilizwe/sechaba) Africa has no rights for reproduction or procreation. What will these children feed on? The first wife (umhlaba) trains you to sleep with the second (inkosikazi). And the first wife will look after the second wife.

Our economy is based on the 1st wife and not the cosmetics of the second wife.  The stock markets are but children of the first wife… Land   land    land… what the white man wants… that is what the black man also want to own and control production …manufacturing… farming and control the economy. Power is not with the consumer…but producers. This is generational thinking.
Here are some Afrikan  key principles to work land. MANSA MUSA PILLAR
1. Zunde/ilima/mushandirapamwe
This is the community chest when we all come to work in the field of the king. These fields are sacred fields which have bans at the palace of the king, which the entire community must plough weed and harvest. In the event of drought and disaster and poverty the families that harvested less and affected would always have food from these bans. This is also our relief insurance policy as a community. Every community and nation must have a king’s community account (community chest)
2. Humwe(togetherness) kubatidzana (holding each others hand or lighting each other: this is when neighbors call each other for work in their own homesteads/chigwirangwe, fighting together, working for common good. Depending on the need from oxen, ploughs and donkeys would be brought in to work in the neighbors field.  It’s a numbers game the more the people the easier the task. The host cooks and msked lots of Mageu/maheu (a traditional maize drink) and shares a meal with his co-workers. Music and song would be heard as the community is at work, laughter and small breaks for sharing drink and fun. This is how a community builds individual homes and lift each other out of poverty. Working together Humwe-as- in-one.
3. Dehwa/vungano pachoto/ : on your way from anywhere as you are nearing home you needed  to pick a dry wood for the fire place. You will not sit on a fire in the evening without Dehwa. This is your personal contribution to the fireplace, before you sit down the elders would ask you Dehwa? This is community development fund – infrastructure development from community contributions and individuals.

Until people own their infrastructure and pay for it they will not value it or protect it. The government is people governing themselves.
4. Kanzatu(community offeing- this is when we all collected grain/or livestock to a place of need. This is how we managed our loans and debt.  This was the first level of community chest.
5. Kushuzha/when those in need would ask their neighbours for relief. These reserves are set aside for those who want to expand operations. This is an investment account designed for loans and seed funding. This would open doors to other peoples’ savings.
6. Kukwereta: direct borrowing accounts to cover short falls. This is a non interest loans, you borrow tools, grain and livestock for a period and return them with gratitude.  Because we are people of Ubuntu we know how to be grateful- after using other peoples tools  when we return the tool we voluntarily give gift of our own choice. You recognize wear and tear on the tools and qithbgrattitude you compensate with a gift, brain or livestock etc
7.  Kumwisira/kumwisidzira: when those who have more give you their livestock for a period and you looked after their livestock and then you would return the older cows and remain with the heifers (offspring) and steers to start you livestock. The community identifies those who are poor and directly contribute to their herds for safe keeping. No kraal  should be without livestock -each member of the community is bound to grow their neighbor, to lift them up not to compete with them.

The educated economists of the 21st century need therefore to take this software firstly translate it into Afrikan languages and see how it can fit into the concrete/western jungle of our time. Afrika will  to succeed when she does business that are ethical. There is a  need to build communities not penthouses of selfishness. Strong communities build a strong nation.

The strength of Afrika lies in  working together. Zunde politics, ilima governance systems, humwe economics, kanzatu loans, kumwisira debts, and dehwa investments.  Our huts are round, our hats are round, our drums are round, we sit in circles, our kraals and Clay pots are round-this is the circle of unity. Everybody can see everybody our class of consciousness we are-therefore I am. Money is a servant of estate- you cant exchange immovable asserts for paper money. Afrika must trade value with value.

I am the watcher from the future living in the present with solutions from the past.

Pillar 4  (Mugabe Pillar) Prof M Rukuni will lead on this Pillar
AIM for land and maximise utilisation : Land Reform

This one thing we must never apologize for and that is land. Our father’s graves are our title deeds.
Afrika must not sell land but own it and work the land. Land must taken back to indigenous people by all means possible. What 

Mugabe did in Zimbabgwe must be the direction all Afrika must go; hate him or love Mugabe the decision on land is a real agenda for Afrika. Colonialism sits on land to take over means of production and turn Afrikans into slaves. The question of land must be addressed head on that’s is the fighting ground of economic freedom.  

Land reform-stop apologising for being landless just stand tall and own our land… we do not want appropriated….we reclaim land..we take land and champion our own fate Africans…without land its illegal to breed.
1. Our minds  the land of the Afrikan mind must be owned by Afrikans and can not be leased to another.  This speaks to education and psychology of land ownership, the politics of land  is the first curriculum to be taught to the youth. Never again will oppression and slavery be practiced on our mental land estate.
2.  Our reproduction  – Afrika must own the right to produce her own children in her way. Afrikan midwives must welcome Afrikan children into this life. Ancient ways of child birth must be resuscitated and vaccines must revisited. Land is needed so that the umbilical cords of each child born can be burried into the soil-connecting the living with their land.
3. Our land/soil – this is the physical land the key to all commerce  and business. The biggest transaction is on land and land stands as security for all transactions  and must form the backbone of community banking.

The inauguration of kings is paramount in this regard to make him/her the Custodians of the air, the soil, the water, the people, the grass, fish, insects and trees. Democracy has not taught politicians such royalty and novelty of land and inheritance.

Every generation holds land to hand over to the next generation. The present political deals shows povery of foresight and they are out of sync with natural laws of human existence.

Here is an outline of the ceremony for the chief custodian of land:
-The horn of the nation which has samples of soil from the four corners of the kings territory given  to him. This has to be kept in custody in a very sectet sacred place and used as an inaugural emblem which represents ecological governance. During ancient battles, if this horn 

was taken it meant the land hand been conqured. Where are these sacred horns today?
– The  walking stick was given to him, to protect the trees
– The  clay pot of beer(a horn with samples of land on his territory), to protect the land
– the water was given to him “protect the water”,
– The grass mat on which the ceremony is done -represented the grass and the insects.
-the shells on the hat represented the sea and its life and its connection to the land
-The music and the horn blowing the wind and air in which he presided over. This meant he was custodian of the spirituality of the community.
– The people who gathered around bestowed on him the honour to govern over them.
Leadership is by appointment not election.  The spirits of the land had to be evoked and partner with the king in leading a nation.

He assumed the roles of the defender of all. When royalty makes decisions the entire nation is affected-and so shall we teach our leaders how to use power.  Hence the proverb simba nderavagwi, vupfumi ndobgwe vanenhaka, asi njere ndedzamadzishe (strength for the worrior, wealth for the menchants but wisdom for the king).
AIM for total land ownership as Afrikans !
I  am the watcher from the future living in the present with solutions from the past.

Pillar   5
(Credo Mutwa) Dr Mvoko will lead on this pillar
AIM for Cultural Reform
Cultural reform- AIM to harvest our indegenous knowledge and influence medicine, entertainment, fashion, art, designs and religion.  Our shadow can not be removed and we remain alive.
A tree must sit on its roots and draw from the ground the wealth and health for growth. The activities of the roots are invisible but the tree will tell you if it is nourished and watered from the ground below. Afrika is our ground let’s plant our civilization on the soil and our leaf will be green. There is enough nutrients and water under our feet, the Afrika i see now is a pot plant being watered by the west  on a window of colonial parliaments.

Culture is the custodian of the morality and ethics of a nation. The work ethics, buying power is stored in cultural values, -When the Afrikan tongue is replaced by a western taste you can then eat plastic foods to replace organic foods.  Afrika has thrown away health for diseased processed food. Our appetites are now colonized with sugar- our appetite has been captured. Look into you plate of food and know that you are eating like a slave- organic is royal -our natural healthy foods-fast foods are for slaves- for fat fast death. AIM for Afrikan health/diet reform.

-When fashion is changed you can sell ties and jackets to those who live in the deserts- and in the heat of the Afrikan sun its sin not to look like the colonizer. True freedom must allow and accept us to be ourselves. The wealth of our Afrikan designs must be adapted into mainstream fashion. We must own our clothes. The value chain will influence our agriculture, forestration, manufacturing industries and consumers. Our children aspire for white weddings-imagine how much Afrika is robbed by white weddings to fit into a colonial culture. AIM to reform our fashion and create brands which replace our high street with Afrikan fashion and entrench our identity and dignity.-When indegenous medicines are undermined Afrikan trust western synthetic medicines for treatment instead their own. Proper research and development is needed to convert this multi-Afrikan herbal medicine knowledge into Afrikan Pharmaceutical giant supplier. The system is regulated by colonial western companies which make money out of Afrikan desease. Look again at the value chain in this sector and you will see why Afrika is poor. AIM to reform the health system, Afrikan midwives, Afrikan medicines, Afrikan therapies, and restore wholistic health system.-Whe entertainment is colonised you can rewrite the mental software of the young and affect the moral campus of the adults. What the Afrikan call entertainment to the west it is a classroom for western cultural adaptation. It slowly but constantly take away the worldview of the Afrikan and start to paint a picture which looks like the imperialist. The process is so subtle and effective the Roman Dutch constitution and its rights are then translated into movies, radio, newspaper and TV programs and the rotten maggots of western culture begin to be our diet on our TVs. The medium of colonial propaganda is disguised as entertainment. Local stations pay billions of dollars to play sports, music, movies in copyright fees, sadly these sopies teach about Brook who marries the father, the son, the younger brother, the business partner, and back to the father, while sleeping with the son: again- help me what are they saying to our children. Look at the value chain and understand why Afrika behaves like schizophrenic patient. AIM for Afrikan sports and total reform of entertainment.

-When a nation reaches the zenith of its civility it creates art. Through art the nation preserves its uniqueness and interpretes its reality through symbols and artifacts. This is the creative energy which when unleashed will be a source of innovation. Design, marketing, clothing, household goods,  outdoor adverts:  the world is painted by the skills of the artist. Everytime you see colour there is an artist behind with a brush. Our brands should  have our paint art and this will  put our artist on the map. The statues in our cities must celebrate us not glorify colonizers. The Ndebele Queen who has changed the look of BMW. It’s not just art  but its life. Colonization  was not complete until all the art and sacred artifacts were taken and stored  if European museums. Look again at this sector and ask why Afrika is present yet absent.  AIM for art reform to showcase our identity on our goods and brands and put wealth in the hands of the artist.

-When colonisation celebrates its conquest then the engineering and architectural designs push away local designs. You know the Chinese have arrived when you see the dragon and their building. Moslems is a by mosques, christianity with cathedrals and churches. Walk through Nairobi sandton,  Gaborone and civilization  is viewed through western architecture.  Our history from Egypt to Mapungubgwe houses indegenous    designs which still stand after thousands of years. The round huts,  temples in curved rocks, kingdoms of stone etc. This knowledge must be harvested and we must build Afrikan cities from design to occupation. AIM to convert heritage construction designs into habitats of the future: learn from the past and build the future.

-When a nation is captured it will celebrate holidays of idols and demons they do to know. These holidays are marketing gimmicks which come with clothes, food, music, holidays, travel, fuel, accommodation, rituals all which have financial. It’s not just Christmas, Easter,  valentines etc but time to take money out of the pockets of the foolish Afrikans.  Have we totally lost touch with our new moon celebrations. The Chinese, the Jews, moslems,  the Indians and Europeans are parading their holidays and gods on Afrikan soil, sadly the Afrikan has no sacred holiday except ‘ Black friday’ the rush for slaves to buy @half prizes. Ask, why  Afrikans have been left with religions which the coloniser has abandoned?   AIM for Afrikan sacred  holidays, festivals and Afrikan spirituality.

-When you capture a people you capture their god/gods. This entire colonial plot is a war of gods and is taught and mantained by religion. Afrika has become a supermarket of religions and all gods who have failed in their lands and  want new territory have run to Afrika to start religious colonies to make Afrikans worship gods who dont look like Afrikans. Afrikans have more churches than industry and schools- in some places if it was according to these gods they would close the schools and have them as churches. These take valuable productive time from nation and  its resources are enjoyed by theatrical ministers and charlatan prophets.  It won’t be easy to transform this sector as it is highly addictive and now being run by religious fanatics who want to go to heaven and care nothing for Afrika.  The best religion is that which connects humanity to spirituality and creation is the best cathedral of the soul. Heaven must not be an escape fantasia for failures on earth-but 400 years of brainwashing will be a mammoth task to rewire the Afrikan. AIM for religious reform.

This cultural reform will speak to governance in returning power to the indigenous legitimate Royal structures. It speaks to  the custodians of land the trustees of Afrikan heritage for future generation.  It speaks to harvesting indigenous knowledge into mainstream academic pursuit. It speak to Indegenous commercial systems. Without culture we  are swept away by the winds of change. Not all which is western is evil- not al that is western is right.

When an eagle stays with chickens it may never know how to fly. When a calve stays with pigs in will never be a pig. The ostrich has wings but it cant fly.  Water flows better  When you hold an orange you dont expect to taste avocado. The leopard can not change his spots neither an Ethiopian change his skin. How does the Afrikan feel like Esau yet speak like Jacob no wonder you work for Rachel and you sleep with Leah. Every time the Afrikan  acts like a European he deprives the European an opportunity to experience the Afrikan.

AIM for preservation  of Afrikan culture!

I  am the watcher from the future living in the present with solutions from the past.

Pillar 6    (John Mbiti & Queen Zewditu ) Marara Maponga will lead on this pillar
Religious Reform and Afrikan spiritual revival -question the foreign gods and their agenda for Afrika.  What do they want to achieve and how we can find common ground and unite.
-To find our  our Creator.
-To connect people with reality of the supernatural.

-To research and know and to practice and let the nation live.
-To decolonize christianity and perfect religious and spiritual practices
-To have a genuine legitimate spiritual restoration as a nation.
-To appoint  leader of the nation and the leader reports to this body with its parliament
-To give the agenda to the political heads
-To restore  Royalty and establish the morcach (Britain Model)
The president is CEO of a nation the spiritual head is the chairman  of the board. This creates for consultation, good governance and accountability.

It has taken 400 years to get Afrika here spirituality: so shall it be that we are building for the next 400 years reestablishing the spiritual path for the nation and the continent. It takes one generation to change the next.

This may sound a bit unfamiliar to the religious fanatics who dont understand how the Freemasons/Ayatollahsfor Moslems/black pope catholic system is run and manipulate the system. Let it be known that what you see in the front as government is informed by an agenda of the secret societies made up of bankers, politicians, religious spiritualists, heads of cooperate etc.

Cecil John Rhodes was send and sponsored by the Freemasons. The colonizer runs the nation from a dark spiritual parliament which has international connections in all sectors. Afrika is losing its spirituality to meaningless gimmicks and fake ministries and traditional leaders and healers.
It is here that the oath of service must be taken! Leaders are sworn into power and in this temple covenants are taken to commit  to the core values of a nation. Leaders are brought to fully understand the demographic spiritual  representation in the nation.  Biased leadership and religious fanatics divide and show favorstism- it is important to orient leaders spiritually for public office than  allow their religious biases to influence national agenda. A clear line must be drawn between public office and private life and a leader must be spiritually conscious-woke to lead.

Is it possible that we can research and  find the real truth about this subject?  Is it true that the the spirits of the land are there and are angry with us? What went wrong? Who are the legitimate traditional leaders of the country? Who are the spiritual guides of a nation? Will all the spiritual leaders meet in one room and map up a direction for national cohesion on spirituality? Are there benefits when a nation is United to join on One spiritual agenda? 

What role does religion play in running a state?  Can this body champion Afrikan spirituality and get a nation to revive sacred places, conduct spiritual ceremonies, and ritual/sacraments/prayers/: research and find the soul of a nation. This is the power within the  engine the secret sacred society.
The traditions of a nation can not be lost: part of leadership is to allow the entire nation to be in harmony without christianity/moslem bullying other indegenous spirituality and other Faiths.  It is essential to have a United  front on this matter so that the religious mental diet of the nation is guided by the national agenda.  The religious ministers talk to their members every day and every week  in all communities.  It is essential to strategically coopt  them into an active body and they should find each other and drive the spiritual temperature of a nation.

Marara once whispered to me the plight of a king. He asked me a question what I would do if I was told that there is a witch in my kingdom? I shouted out, “kill him”! He answered me with a question  “how does a king quench his thirst,  by drinking the blood of fools?” The grass is yours to protect and so are the ants, the good people and the bad people are all yours as a leader to protect life and foster harmony.
This is a key Reform- which works as a spiritual advisory team on all issues of running the nation. All indegenous heads, religious and spiritual heads are represented here.
Who has ever seen the wind, but its movement. The storm is stronger in the wind. The human body takes in air which we cant see to run the body we can see. It is therefore true that the invisible should drive the visible. The spiritual software must run the political hardware.

AIM for preservation  and practice of Afrikan spirituality!

I  am the watcher from the future living in the present with solutions from the past.

Ecological Reform
AIM (Afrikan Indegenous Movement)
IAM #indegenousAfrikanMovement
(Powered by Farmers of Thought)
United Afrikan Kingdoms (UAK)

There is only one earth we live in, it’s destruction is our extinction. The most dangerous creature on the face of the earth who is vandalizing forests, polluting the air and sea is the human being. AIM for a safe and ecological friendly development plan.

All development and civilization which does not respect Mother Nature is bound to be destroyed.  The land, the water  and the  wind have a way of cleaning human destruction and restore herself again. Nature does not respect greed and foolishness.
Ecological reform-(EQ) preserve our habitat as Afrikans  and not allow our continent to become a dumping  site of toxic industrial..academic..and Political waste.
Here are some recommendations:
1. We need to find technologies which substitute carbon fuels as these are the major contributors to air pollution.
2. Upgrade our recycling facilities to deal with rubbish and refuse in our cities, sewage  and waste management. Covert sewage into electricity, biogas, environmentally friendly products.
3. We need to replace plastic/glasses with biodegradable materials. When these materials end up in nature causing stress the the environment.
4. We need to reduce mining as digging up minerals is taking away value we can’t replace. There should be another way of transacting in gold and diamonds without destroying vast lands for a few ounces of gold and carats  of diamonds. Old mine shafts need rehabilitation.
5. We need to protect our forests and plant more trees and green zones to slow down desertification. This will replenish the environment.  We have to plant trees on the graves and change concrete graves into sacred forests. In all our location fruit trees must be planted in parks and streets instead of grass and fruitless decorations. In Venda children don’t steal fruits because every homestead has a garden and fruit trees. Bring that mindset to the cities.
6. We need to conserve and protect wildlife and not eat and shoot animals for sport and fun. National parks are the only last hope of our game and wildlife
7. We need to stop overfishing and find other  sources of food. Proper fish farming technologies must be introduced to support human diet.
8. Every home must have a garden and eat from their own hands. Teach the youth to work the  land and eat from their sweat. Food security is a critical component to human livelihood. Ecological education must be the backbone of the education system and curriculum. Research and

inventions must be activated in the a nature friendly zone.
9. We need to ban the manufacturing of atomic/uranium/chemical bombs world wide. We need to stop all wars. We can’t talk civilization on the barrels of guns and chemical wars (learn from Hiroshima) to rehabilitate that land after bombing it takes more than 150years before those radioactive bombs diffuse into the ground and air and water-to date they are still active. America must go back and clean up that mess and have manufacturing plants closed and charged for crimes against humanity.  The world must boycott American products until they take responsibility to fully rehabilitate and compensate Japan.  We need one voice to stop superpowers from bullying the world with military muscles, it’s primitive to fight.
10. Food, water, air, shelter/construction, fashion, transport, medicines and technology must study nature and align human existence to the nature cycle. Animals live in a far healthier environment than human beings. If we should make this world a concrete jungle we will have failed to learn from the ants and indigenous people.
All of us need to take this proposal and break it down into our own communities and start effecting  change. Do not wait for government you must start to plant trees and being ecologically awake and conscious. Ground yourself into nature, alter your diet and be selective on the products you use daily. 

Let this seed sit on your mind and bear fruit for your children.  Preserve the seeds of good thoughts to plant conservation in every Afrikan  by doing so we will have changed mindsets and given True Afrikan identity and social value to our children. It takes one generation to change the next. Every Afrikan nation and citizens must implement this agenda and communities and families need this blueprint on their hands. Translate this into your languages and share and implement. The rain season is upon us-plant  a forest.
I commit my life to this continent and my body and soul will be manure for the next generation. AIM for a green world and green businesses, green diet, green technologies, green medicines, and green wars.

Understand that I am a Watcher from the future living in the present with solutions from the past.

Farmers of Thought
Maponga Yashua iii Mara-rah
Kiing Prophet Priest (KPP) Svosve ChangaMbire Dynasty Dzimbabgwe
AiM (#AfrikanIndegenousMovement)
#Afrikansolutions #AIMforGreen

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